Do you ever have the feeling you're being watched even though you can't see anyone or anything? There's a good chance that happened to a jogger recently as he WAS being a mountain lion.

This harrowing moment was captured by a home doorbell security camera showing a runner out for his morning jog. Little did he know there was a very large kitty cat watching every step.

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The ironic part of this is that the runner was doing the exact opposite thing you're supposed to do if you encounter a mountain lion even though he had no way to know. Path Projects shared some tips about how to safely survive a mountain lion encounter. Here's one of their key phrases:

  • Do not run from a lion. Running may stimulate a mountain lion's instinct to chase. Instead, stand and face the animal, maintaining eye contact. Keep children from running away.

It's not like there was any way for the guy to know he was being watched by an apex predator. Still, it's fortunate that this big cat was just observing and didn't decide this runner was prey. It could have gone the other way quickly.

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