The 8th Annual Dog Day in the Park is scheduled for Sunday, August 24, 2014 at Washington Park. The event starts at noon and will go until 4 p.m. Dog Day in the Park is co-sponsored by the City of Laramie Parks and Recreation and the Laramie Animal Welfare Society.

This is a free event for dogs and dog lovers alike. One of the signatures of the event is when the wading pool at Washington Park is open to pooches for fun and play. While people are not allowed in the wading pool that day, people are encouraged to bring their socialized dogs out for a day of fun at the pool. Parks and Recreation Director Paul Harrison says that many dog owners bring their furry friends to the pool, and all the dogs seem to have a lot of fun.

Another highlight of the event includes a microchip clinic from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society. Dogs will be chipped for $20 and cats for $5. Owners participating in the microchip clinic will be required to provide proof of rabies vaccination.

Other activities at the park will include free nail grooming, a lure course (a favorite by many canines), an agility course, a dog calendar contest (will your pooch make the top 12?), and a sketch-a-pet artist.

Harrison wants to remind people that the leash law still applies for the event. Dogs in the park will be required to be on a leash. He adds that those pups in the pool are in a fenced area, so they are not required to have a leash.

For more information on Dog Day at the Park, visit the Laramie Animal Welfare Society website or call Barbara Barnes at 742-4656.

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