Why can't we be friends? That seems to be the question a husky in Colorado was asking when he was spotted by his owners trying to "play" with a huge bear.

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Mandy Campbell in Colorado shared this fun (albeit also a bit terrifying) moment today. She told Storyful the following:

Our husky loves playing with the deer that live on our property, and I’m sure that he thought he could play with a new big, black furry friend!

Spoiler alert: The bear was not impressed. The husky's name is Loki.

Mandy added "After calling out to our husky repeatedly and him realizing that the bear isn’t there to play, he trotted back to us as happy as can be because he thought he made a new friend".

Best Pointers shared an interesting article about why bears aren't afraid of dogs normally. They say that the bark of a dog is higher pitched than that of a wolf, but also similar. The higher pitch infers that the dog is less of a threat than a wolf. Go figure.

Fortunately for this Colorado family, Loki realized that the bear did not want to be his buddy before he (or the humans or bear) were hurt.

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