Located in Swift Creek Canyon near Afton, Wyoming, this rhythmic spring is one of only three features in the entire world that has this type of behavior. It is the largest of it's kind and is know as 'The Spring That Breathes'.

The 'Intermittent Spring' (also know as the 'Periodic Spring') is not your average mountain spring. Water will flow for 10-18 minutes at a time, then will completely stop for many minutes before continuing to flow again.

Researchers believe this fluctuating flow pattern is due to the 'siphon effect'.  Meaning, spring water will flow into , and fill up, a cavity underground. When the water reaches the top of the cavity, the water rushes out creating a siphon effect - taking all of the water out of the cavity space. The water flow will then stop until the cavity fills up again and the whole process starts over.

If you are looking to experience this phenomenon for yourself, late summer - early fall is the best time to experience the Periodic Spring.

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