Author's note: The City of Laramie reached out to the Game and Fish department for an answer to this question. The response comes from the Game and Fish department.


What resources are available to residents to handle crows? Two of them have made it their mission to harass my dog as much as possible and I'm concerned for his safety.


"Crows and ravens are legally covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (an international treaty involving our federal government, with states providing annual comments on 'flyway' regions), so they can't be killed right now (including destroying nests or eggs).There is an open season for the taking of the crows annually, from January 1-February 28 and from November 1-December 31.

Crows typically roost in very dense stands of trees, so some long-term reduction in crow use might be gained in thinning the trees (or at least branches) to make the area less secure for them. An effigy of a dead bird (simple silhouette of a dead bird cut out from fabric or a trash bag) may temporarily move them from the area. Homeowners may also find some temporary relief in making loud noises (playing a loud stereo set to a talk radio station, etc.) or physically scaring the birds away.

It is likely a young crow or nest that is being protected. These birds are very adept at causing a disturbance, but I wouldn't expect them to do any damage to anything but the smallest of dogs. They are typically scavengers and only predate on eggs or very small birds or animals. 

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