Are they just an elaborate hoax is there a scientific explanation for crop circles? That question has been hotly debated for centuries.

In fact, the first documented crop circle was publicly reported in 1678.

And while there may have been more, we know there have been at least two mysterious crop circles here in Wyoming over the years.

The first of those two events was reported near the town of Parkman, Wyoming, in Sheridan County on November 15,1966.

According to an eye witness account from two hunters in the area, they first saw "strange lights" coming from over a ridge near West Pass Creek.

The next morning, they found a circle of brush that had been pressed to the ground, along with broken tree branches and the body of a deer with its head removed. Curiously, there was no blood around the carcass.

Another bizarre event occurred near Newscastle, Wyoming, in Weston County on October 8, 1975. Witnesses reportedly saw a bright orange bolt of light and later found a large flattened ring in a nearby field. Luckily, no animals were killed in that event.




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