Someone has to say it. And I get it, I love a nice treat from Dairy Queen as much as the next guy. But, we can't all be lining up down Pershing Boulevard like it's part of the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru. And it's not our fault, the parking facility for Dairy Queen is very small.

Honestly, I don't know a better solution. If I head to DQ to get one of their tasty Fall treats, and I see the line creeping out of the parking lot like the Loch Ness Monster sticks out of the water, I'm just not going, or I do something else and go back, hoping for better results.

What you can't do is line up all the way down to the shopping area where The Office and Railyard are. That just infuriates people trying to cut through Midtown to get home, to work, to Dell Range, or Downtown. Don't be that guy.

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Honestly, I looked on Google Map's Street View to see if the Google car went by when people were backing up Pershing. It must have been early in the morning when we don't lose our dang minds and head to DQ all at once.

Shout out to Fat Boys for this great meme. This photo would have done it better justice had it been taken between 1pm and 8pm. That's prime go-to Dairy Queen time for everyone. And I'm not knocking anyone for going to DQ, it's great. I enjoy it, too. Just don't utilize Pershing Blvd as part of the drive-thru line. Come on, Cheyenne, we're better than this.

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