The City of Laramie recently released a guideline for businesses that are starting to open during the coronavirus pandemic. They went through the various questions which arose regarding the exceptions and variances allowed by the Wyoming Department of Health’s continuation orders regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

They first defined what an exception and a variance was. An “exception” is for a specific business or a specific aspect of a business for an exception to the current laws or orders. A “variance” is for a large group of businesses or businesses in the same industry and could be more or less restrictive than the state health orders.

Before a variance or exception will be considered, the County Health Officer must determine the risk to citizens based on public health epidemiologic data.

Education of business owners and the public will be provided so that businesses can reopen safely. Enforcement action may need to be taken by the County Health Office and the County Attorney, but the utmost effort will be placed on education and training.

If a business sector would like to request a variance, a form can be requested from the Albany County Health Officer at Subject : Variance or Exception.

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