Local governments want to be able to get critical information to all residents and businesses within Laramie and Albany County when necessary, and officials are asking for contact information so they can get word of emergencies to as many people as possible.

The CodeRED Community Notification System licensed in February by Albany County and the City of Laramie is designed to get important information -- such as a no unnecessary travel warning issued in Laramie earlier this year -- out to the public immediately, but it can only reach people who have entered their contact information into the system.

In a Friday release, the city and county encourage all residents and businesses to go to the Albany County website, click on the CodeRED logo on the right hand side of the page and enter contact information including phone numbers and email addresses.

Albany County Website
Albany County Website

Updating your information in the database anytime your number or address changes will ensure you receive notifications when they are sent out.

Officials are also asking folks to help those without internet access get signed up and to make sure family, friends and neighbors have entered their information.

For more information or for assistance, call the Albany County Emergency Manager at 721-1815.

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