The Laramie City Council moved to postpone voting on an original ordinance that would have made several changes to the city’s snow removal policy during their meeting on Tuesday.

The City Council was set to vote whether to approve the ordinance last night, but instead approved an amendment to the ordinance. Councilor Pat Gabriel said the council approved an amendment to Original Ordinance No. 1977, which would change the number of notices a resident receives to remove snow or ice from their sidewalk before action is taken by the city from one to two. Gabriel said the council voted five to four to approve the resolution.

The ordinance originally outlined that a resident who was in violation of the snow removal policy would receive one notice from the city to clear their sidewalks. The resident would have 24 hours to clear the sidewalk or the city would have a contractor clear the debris at the resident’s expense. The council voted an amendment that called for two notices before action was taken by the city.

Gabriel said City Attorney Robert Southard will add the amendment and a new ordinance will be drafted, which the City Council will bring forward for discussion again during their first meeting in February, on the 6th. Gabriel said he didn’t anticipate any other changes to the ordinance other than the addition of a second notice before action was taken.

The City Council voted to approve Original Ordinance No. 1976, which implements a voucher program to replace the “free” landfill day that coincided with Community Clean Up Day in the spring. Residents can pick up a voucher and use it on a day of their choosing within a 30 day period.

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