Laramie residents will have to opportunity meet decision makers in Wyoming, as well as enjoy local music and food at the Citizen’s Hall event hosted by the Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute Sunday, April 30 at the Historic Laramie Railroad Depot.

LeeAnn Grapes, executive director of Forward Wyoming, said the purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between citizens and decision-makers in Wyoming.

“As far as what led to this event, it really evolved from the current class of the grassroots institute,” Grapes said. “They felt like there is so much energy in our community right now and wanted to find a way to help other people feeling that fire to find the next steps for their activism.”

Grapes said the class invited local organizations, expert panelists and others that understand the issues Wyoming is facing, as well as getting local bands together and a collaborative art project.

“We wanted to show that in Wyoming we are all in this together, and all we need is for each person to bring their own unique skills and progress to the table so we can all make progress,” Grapes said.

Grapes said the event will feature Wyoming decision-makers such as Representative Cathy Connolly, Connie Wilburt, director of the Wyoming Sierra Club chapter, Greg Herold from the Wyoming Education Association and former representative Mary Throne.

“This is open to everyone, all different levels of activism and understanding of the issues,” Grapes said. “It’s really to meet everybody where they are and help them take the next step.”

Grapes said the event will begin at 2 p.m. and will run until 6:30 p.m. Music from local bands Morimento, J Shogren and the Woodpile will be featured throughout the event.

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