Don't ask me why there are two Wyoming bands with toe-tappers about our favorite feathered friends, but I'm not complaining. I attended WhatFest back in 2010, and I remember that the two headlining acts were Jalan Crossland the first night, and The Patti Fiasco the next.

"Well, Jalan's got his Chicken Song, so we wrote one too," one of the band members of The Patti Fiasco said, and then played what may be one of my favorite Wyoming songs of all time. It took years for a recording to reach the internet or an album so I could snatch it up, but I still remember what we called "Dueling Chickens," between Jalan Crossland and The Patti Fiasco. Check out the videos for both below, and then tell us which one scratches your chicken itch.

What do you think? Who took the chicken crown this round?

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