A Cheyenne woman is behind bars following a disturbance at the Outlaw Saloon early this (Tuesday) morning.

Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Linda Gesell says deputies were called to the bar shortly after midnight, after a female employee caught 33-year-old Guinnevere Paxton looking through the bottles of alcohol behind the bar upstairs and asked her to leave.

"Paxton then went downstairs in the main portion of the bar, went over toward the stage area which was under construction at the time and grabbed a hammer," said Gesell. "The employee was about two feet away from her and Paxton then raised the hammer above her head and started making a swinging motion."

Gesell says Paxton dropped the hammer after a large, male employee intervened. She then grabbed a Red Bull from a cooler and started to drink it.

"The male employee told her she needed to pay for that," said Gesell. "She became somewhat verbally abusive, jumped on top of the bar and the bartender told her she needed to leave."

Paxton then jumped behind the bar, grabbed a bottle of rum and ran outside.

"When she got to the exit she smashed the bottle of rum on the pavement in the parking lot," said Gesell. "About that time is when the deputies arrived."

Paxton tried to run from deputies, but was caught on the north side of the bar.

"She was physically abusive and resisting arrest," said Gesell. "Once the deputies got control of her then they placed her in the back of a patrol car. She was in there for about two minutes and then she started foaming at the mouth and so they called an ambulance."

Paxton was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, but was cleared for incarceration shorty afterwards.

Paxton was charged with aggravated assault, defrauding an innkeeper and interfering with a peace officer.  She is scheduled to make her initial appearance in Laramie County Circuit Court tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

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