With classes in Laramie County School District#1 set to resume on Wednesday, the top education official in the district is asking parents to get  actively involved in education.

Superintendent John Lyttle says he understands some parents have more time available than others, and says parental involvement is "an on-going conversation." He says some parents may be able to "come in and work with a reading group, for example" if they have a lot of free time.

Lyttle says that while many parents can't do that, another simple step they can take is making sure their children have a quiet, well-organized area to do homework, and checking in every so often to make sure the work is getting done without too many distractions.

He says in general parents need to do what they can to support learning and to be involved, adding he's "not just talking about baking cookies."

Lyttle says high school students will sometimes tell their parents that they no longer need to stay in touch with teachers, but he says in fact just the opposite is true.

Lyttle says just the fact that parents take the time to be involved and stress the importance of education sends an important message. He says "study after study" shows that when parents are involved in education it improves learning.