If you've ever taken a stroll down Capitol Ave. you've walked by several businesses in the heart of Downtown Cheyenne. I made that walk all Summer on Friday nights during Friday's On The Plaza. It's comforting to see all the local businesses hustling and bustling, serving their customers or clients. It really makes you feel like the city of Cheyenne is alive and that it has a great heartbeat.

One of those businesses that you pass every time you take a stroll is now asking for help from the community. Capitol Quisine took to Facebook yesterday asking for help because they fear that they aren't going to make it as a business in Downtown Cheyenne.

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Here, you can take a look at the post for yourself.


We've had plenty of businesses in Downtown Cheyenne not make it through the pandemic, it's a good opportunity for us to make a difference and help them out. I'd love to see them succeed. If you remember, the current owners took over the business when the previous Capitol Quisine opened Ike's Bar and Grill South of Downtown Cheyenne.

Let's see how well the community responds to their requests for help. I know we'd all love to see them succeed and grow. We all want to keep strolling down Capitol Ave. and see a dining room full of people at Capitol Quisine, not just another empty storefront. Now is the time to help out and check out Capitol Quisine if you've never had the pleasure of trying their options.

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