Cheyenne police say a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper who was arrested on a warrant earlier this week won't be getting any preferential treatment.

Sgt. Gabriel Testerman was arrested Tuesday, Aug. 30, following a monthslong investigation by police.

Patrol spokesman Sgt. Jeremy Beck says police contacted them about the investigation on May 2, and Testerman was immediately removed from service and placed on administrative leave.

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Due to the nature of the charges against Testerman, neither law enforcement nor the Laramie County Circuit Court can release information about his case -- which remains under investigation by the police department's detective bureau -- until it is bound over to district court.

"We are investigating this case just as we would any other,” said Chief Mark Francisco.

“The fact that this person is a law enforcement officer does not give them preferential treatment," Francisco added. "We will continue to conduct this investigation in an unbiased and professional manner."

Beck says the patrol is cooperating fully with the investigation.

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