Cheyenne City Council members continue to scratch out an ordinance that would allow residents to keep chickens in their backyards.

The ordinance, which is being sponsored by Councilmen Richard Johnson and Scott Roybal, would allow residents to keep up to five hens in a covered, predator-resistant coop. Roosters and other fowl, such as ducks, geese or turkeys, wouldn't be allowed.

The City Council amended the ordinance last Monday, getting rid of a requirement that coops be at least 15 feet away from lot lines and requiring those wanting to keep chickens to get the written consent of their neighbors.

"There are no permits, no fees, it's all between the landowners," said Councilman Dicky Shanor. "If there is someone that has health issues, immune system issues, young children, elderly, they have the right to veto it."

Johnson says he expects the Committee of the Whole to iron out a couple of other issues when they meet tomorrow night.

"We have to look up some zoning, covenants and the written notice in regards to signing off, if it has to be notarized and then also the delivery, if it's going to be something like certified mail," said Johnson.

"There were some issues raised about disposal that we need to clear up," said Shanor. "There were issues raised about ordinances on the books requiring you to buy a dozen or more chickens and so how are people only going to buy five? So there's some tweaks like that that we'll probably have to fix."

The ordinance will be on third reading when the Committee of the Whole meets tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.

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