If you don't have the proper eclipse-viewing glasses, you could suffer eye damage.

If you don't have the right insurance and rent your property to eclipse-viewers, you could get sued.

The Wyoming Department of Insurance cautions property owners to consider liability issues and determine if camping and renting for the eclipse are covered by their insurance policies.

For example, your homeowner's policy probably would cover you if somebody gets hurt on your property or in your home.

But if you are using your property commercially by renting it out or charging a fee for a campsite, liability coverage is most likely excluded.

"If paying guests blame the owner for the injury, and proper insurance is not in place, the owner could end up paying not only the guests’ medical expenses, but also any awarded liability damages," according to the Department of Insurance.

Likewise, most homeowner’s policies also do not provide coverage if a guest damages your property.
The Department of Insurance also recommends homeowners who use short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb or Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) to check whether those companies offer liability insurance. Also consult your insurance company or your agent to make sure you are covered.

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