Officials monitoring the Cameron Peak Fire gave an update via Facebook Live on September 30 about the growth of the wildfire in Northern Colorado.

The Mullen Fire, growing in southern Wyoming, is becoming a concern for officials as it moves closer and closer to the Cameron Peak Fire. According to the livestream, these fires are now less than 30 miles apart.

The Mullen Fire is officially at 117,420 acres, with 0% containment. The Cameron Peak Fire is 125,006 Acres, with 30% containment.

Because of their close proximity, the two fires continue to create thick smoke bands across Northern Colorado, and will contribute to the unhealthy air quality in our area.

Thankfully, officials say that not only has smoke from the Mullen Fire been able to help them fight the Cameron Peak Fire more easily, but favorable weather conditions over the next few days are giving firefighters hope for further containment.

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How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown



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