What can we say? Cale Moon loves George Strait and Chris LeDoux. How can you not like any song mentioning those two names, especially if you're from Wyoming?

From Enterprise, Oregon, Cale has barely aged to 22 years, but already has played too many venues to remember, more than one in Cheyenne.

He even wrote and recorded a song titled, "Cheyenne." And oh yeah, while in Cheyenne a while back performed it, himself.

Cale's website is here, and he's on facebook here.

Cole just told us: Wyoming, and especially Cheyenne has always held a special place in my heart for some reason, and I love it! It's been somewhat of a focal point in my songwriting throughout the years cause it's just such a cool place with a rich history and good down to earth, real people. I look forward to every time I get to come back through 🙂

We're pulling for him! He sure has his whole life ahead of him.

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