UPDATE: It looks as though the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns game will be played in Detroit against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday due to the snowstorm. The Bills will play in Detroit Thursday as well on Thanksgiving at 12:30 PM.

The Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns game could be canceled? Everyone in Western New York knows that we are about to get hit with a really big first snowstorm that will begin on Thursday and end sometime on Sunday. What does that mean for the Buffalo Bills game? It has been done before.

Meteorologist Kevin O'Neil pointed out that there is enough lake effect snow coming that the National Football Leauge WOULD consider moving the football game. O'Neil suggests moving the game to Monday could be a possibility, but also points out that the Bills are playing on Thursday. Here is what one person suggested on Twitter:

Would make the most sense to move to Detroit...they are on the road and the Bills play there on Thanksgiving which means they could just stay there and practice ahead of the game next Thursday.

The last time that the National Football League moved a Buffalo game to Detroit was when the New York Jets were coming to visit Highmark Stadium in 2014. The weather was too much of a factor so, the game was moved to Ford Field.

Maybe the NFL doesn't move the game. After all, Buffalonians are always there with a shovel and I am sure would be more than willing to shovel out Highmark Stadium in order to get fans inside, at the very least. Especially...for our Buffalo Bills.

If the game were to happen in Orchard Park on Sunday, it would be the first game that the weather would be a major factor. Nothing Western New Yorkers are not used to, though. Here are some other suggestions that others had on social media last night:

Why not move the game to Dec 17 and flex the Miami game to Janruary. It’s already on the schedule as a flex.


I can see them moving the game to 4, but not much more without screwing the schedule. The options are limited...


Dome in Syracuse? Not much there

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