You may find plenty of salons and nail spas in the Laramie area, but you're guaranteed to not find one quite like Blooming Lemon. Opened just under a year ago, the burgeoning medical spa provides services that, previously, Laramie residents may have had to travel to Cheyenne or even Colorado to experience.

Sure, there's the hair salon, nails, eyelash extensions, and massages, but there are so many more medical procedures they offer to help you reach your optimal potential. Nicole Knowles, a nurse and part-owner of the establishment walked through the various medical services offered on the second floor of the charming cape cod house on Grand Avenue.

Debbie Cobb, Townsquare Media.
Debbie Cobb, Townsquare Media.

Body contouring using ultrasound and radio frequencies to break down fat content is offered and is especially effective for cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin after pregnancy or weight loss, or just for aesthetic problem areas like cheekbones or skin on the neck. Depending on the body area, it starts around $100 per treatment.

Because of their unique business, Blooming Lemon has to have a medical provider on site and to perform many of the procedures, including the skin laser, hair reduction, and tattoo removal and many of their specialized facials.

One of these facials uses a centrifuge to extract platelet rich plasma from the client's own blood. " It's using your body's own resources to regenerate," Knowles said. "You can't get more natural than that."

Another unique offering includes IV therapy with vitamins to help whatever ails you, from a hangover to altitude sickness or even regular IV therapy for cancer patients.

The building has been completely renovated with cool colors and a modern feel. "We want to make the environment as aesthetically pleasing as possible," said General Manager, Alex Knowles, the husband of nurse Nicole and also a part-owner. "We encourage people to make appointments ahead of time."

While it may seem like a purely female day spa, men, don't be discouraged, there are plenty of services for you and Alex says his favorites are the B12 shots, "#brotox," IV therapy, massage therapy for athletes, and other performance based services.

"I'd encourage people to have an open mind and try out some services they could benefit from. Optimize and enhance" Knowles said. "You might be running in 3rd gear, but if you give us a shot, we could get you to 4th or 5th gear and enhance your life."

Blooming Lemon is located at 709 E. Grand Avenue in Laramie, with parking available from Ivinson Ave and all services are by appointment only. 




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