Best Bar In Laramie Results as tallied by Facebook and website comments:

Front Street Tavern 7 votes

Ruffed Up Duck 6 votes

3rd Street Bar 4 votes

The Crowbar and Grill 3 votes

Bud's Bar 3 votes 

Alibi Pub 3 votes

Mulligans 3 votes

Cowboy Saloon and Dance Hall 2 votes

Lovejoy's 2 votes

Mingles 1 vote

Ranger Bar 1 vote

Buckhorn Bar 1 vote

Born In A Barn 1 vote

Library Sports Grille & Brewery 1 vote

Holiday Inn Lounge 1 vote

Alright, we've asked the best restaurant in Laramie and the business Laramie needs most.

Now here's one for our over 21 friends.  In a town famous for it's bars, what is your favorite bar?

Vote for your favorite on Facebook or post it in the comments section below this story! We'll tally the results and reveal the winner later this week.