What business, currently not in Laramie, would you like to see in town most?

It's our question of the week.  Submit your answer on the comments section, via e-mail, or post them to our Facebook page!  We'll tally the results and post them at the end of the week.

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Target 50 votes

KFC 8 votes

Ross 7 votes

Lowes 7 votes

Home Depot 6 votes

Olive Garden 6 votes

Hobby Lobby 6 votes

King Soopers 5 votes

Kohls 5 votes

Trader Joe's 5 votes

Sprouts 5 votes

TJ Maxx 4 votes

Panera Bread 4 votes

Buffalo Wild Wings 4 votes

Chick-Fil-A 4 votes

Popeye's Chicken 3 votes

Whole Foods 3 votes

Michael's 3 votes

Marshall's 3 votes

Costco 2 votes

JC Penny's 2 votes

PetSmart 2 votes

Black Eyed Peas 2 votes

Noodes & Co. 2 votes

Cheba Hut 2 votes

Texas Road House 1 vote

Bed Bath & Beyond 1 vote

Sportsmans' Warehouse 1 vote

Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers 1 vote

Macy's 1 vote

JoAnn's Fabrics 1 vote

PetCo 1 vote

Five Guys' Burgers 1 vote

Mercado 1 vote

Old Navy 1 vote

Cracker Barrel 1 vote

Foot Locker 1 vote

Pizza Casbah 1 vote

Coldstone Creamery 1 vote

Aldi 1 vote

Fresh Choice 1 vote

Sweet Tomatoes 1 vote

Golden Corall 1 vote

Taco Bueno 1 vote

Best Buy 1 vote

Menards 1 vote

Red Lobster 1 vote

Jamba Juice 1 vote

IQlinary 1 vote

Beau Joes Pizza 1 vote

Dillard's 1 vote

Dress Barn 1 vote

Outback Steakhouse 1 vote

Cici's Pizza 1 vote

Blimpie's 1 vote

Silver Mine Subs 1 vote

Chipotle 1 vote

Other Suggestions:

Outlet Mall (suggested 4 times)

Men's clothing store (suggested twice)

Starbucks not located in a grocery store (suggested twice)

Business clothing store

Grocery store in West Laramie

More small business'

Panda Express not located in the UW Union

A strip club

A zoo

Locally owned burger place