With a message that focuses on three key points, local resident Victor Bershinsky is running for Laramie City Council in Ward 1 for the two-year term.

Bershinsky spoke about his campaign to this point, plus why he decided to run, and what his areas of emphasis will be in a recent interview with host David Settle during the “Laramie Live on KOWB” radio morning show.

Bershinsky says a reliable infrastructure, along with economic growth, and a focus on the quality of life are the key components he will concentrate on if elected. He added he’s learned about the crunch of the budget that the city faces, plus some of the challenges in developing a broader tax base. Bershinsky also knows the paving of roads in West Laramie is a major topic among residents in his Ward. He discussed all this and more during the radio interview in the video above.

The Laramie City Council Ward 1 two-year term is between Brian Harrington and Bershinsky.

The 2018 general election is Nov. 6. Absentee voting is already underway.

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