Where can Laramie residents safely dispose of lithium ion batteries like those found in old cellphones and computers?


"There are a few disposal options for batteries depending on the situation. If the old phone/laptop is also being tossed out, it can be brought to the e-waste program with the batteries still in the device. Do not remove the batteries as loose batteries are not warranted by the e-waste recycler. Loose lithium or any other non-lead batteries can be disposed of in the CRT (old monitor/TV) bin located at the landfill. From the bin, they will be disposed of in the lined cell in order to catch anything that may leach off. Unfortunately, there are no places in Laramie to recycle those loose batteries. The nearest place you may take them is a Batteries Plus Bulbs in Cheyenne. Another option may be to contact the manufacturer of the device to see if they have a mail back program."

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