It seems like we've been living under the shadow of the apocalypse for some time.  Alien invasion captivated our minds in the 1930s and 40s.  The end of World War II brought on the Cold War and with it the prospect of nuclear bombs that could disintegrate the world several times over.  When the Cold War closed out in the 90s, we started gearing up for the millennium and the great Y2k glitch that was supposed to send us into another dark age.

These days, the apocalypse du jour is the alleged Mayan prophecy saying the world will undergo some cataclysmic end on December 21st.

The fight rages on both sides as to the validity of said prophecy, but the water cooler conversations around our office always seem to end with a dangling "what-if."

So we want to know if you have been preparing for some sort of world shift to happen this month, according to the alleged Mayan prophecy?

Be sure to have your votes in by December 21st.

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