Two Albany County Sheriff’s Department Deputies are back in Laramie after completing Detention Officer Training. Deputies Emma McGee and Cienna Piercy were members of class 23C105, which concluded this week. 

The deputies had to complete a six-week, 298-hour course at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas. McGee and Piercy would leave the facility on Fridays, and return to Douglas every Sunday. 

The deputies had online coursework due every day and then did physical training. They learned defense tactics, emergency vehicle training, and OC training–Oleoresin Capsicum training. 

“It’s pepper spray. We had to get pepper sprayed. It was fine for me; I recovered in 37 seconds. There were others who took longer,” McGee said. 

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In order to complete the training at the Academy, students must have a Wyoming Peace Officer Standards Training Temporary Certification and be employed by a Wyoming Law Enforcement Agency or be a Pre-Service Officer.

Piercy, from Nebraska originally, came to Laramie to attend the University of Wyoming. She’s worked with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department for a year. 

McGee has worked for the department just shy of a year. From New Mexico, law enforcement has been her calling from a young age.

“I come from a long line of law enforcement. My grandfather worked right underneath the warden in the Santa Fe Penitentiary. I’ve never wanted to do anything else. Its always been law enforcement. Corrections or the PD; since we dont have a prison… corrections is a good foundation for patrol, since we learn great communication skills.”

Deputy McGee uses those communications skills in the detention center, where people aren’t necessarily feeling the most amiable about communicating. 

“It's all about being empathetic. Respect goes a long way. It’s not my worst day, but it’s theirs. I get to go home every day, they don’t.”

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