The Albany County Democratic Party will be holding their convention this month and they are inviting local Democrats to come out and participate in the political process.

The convention will be held Saturday, April 21 at the Lincoln Community Center. The convention starts at 9 a.m., but registration begins at 8 a.m.

Lindsay Stoffers, Secretary for the Albany County Democrats and Precinct Committeewoman, said Democrats will develop and vote on their county platform, nominate and vote for state delegates and hear from many of the Democratic candidates running for office.

“The platform is a tool that guides our democratic principles and values, so this is something that community input is very important for,” Stoffers said in an email. “State delegates are elected as representatives or as "delegates" for the constituency. The delegates’ role is to act as a voice for the wishes of their constituency and represent our county and state.”

Stoffers said if anyone wishes to become a delegate for the party, they need to attend the convention and be prepared to give some information on why they are running and what their ideas and values are.

Stoffers said she hopes people with reservations about participating in politics will come check out the convention.

“I think that often times when we think politics, we think “big” and automatically take our focus to positions such as the presidency, we might assume we only need to vote every four years,” Stoffers said. “But local politics are what really affect our day to day lives and elections in local politics are happening every year- it just so happens this year, is a big year for our state.”

Local issues and local voices, Stoffers said, tend to set the precedent for political change at the state and national level.

For Democrats to vote at the convention, they need to be registered Democrats. Lunch will be available for $10 a plate and organizers that participants RSVP for their lunch ahead of time, by calling 307-721-2541. Participants do not need to RSVP to the convention itself, however.

"Love Wins" t-shirts will be available for purchase at the convention. They can also be pre-ordered at the Albany County Democrats Facebook page.

Those with questions can call Stoffers at 307-460-4878.



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