The Albany County Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding with the Wyoming Community Foundation to set up a purchase fund for the Pilot Peak land purchase.

Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent presented the memorandum to the Commissioners during their regular meeting Tuesday. Trent said the fund will allow individuals in the community and throughout the state to donate toward the purchase of the Pilot Peak land parcel, of which the Commissioners signed the purchase agreement in September for $14 million.

Trent said the money in the fund would go towards the purchase of the land, but that if the county was not able to raise the total amount by Sept. 2018, the money in the account would be reserved for the county to use for other projects, specifically charitable projects.

The Commissioners also approved the creation of a county “education fund” for the land purchase, the funds in which would be used for disseminating information about the land purchase to the public, such as newspaper advertisements and brochures.

The Pilot Peak land parcel was offered to the county for purchase by the Samuelson family in Albany County in July. The Commissioners signed the agreement in September and were given one year to raise the funds.

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