The Albany County Clean Water Advocates will be hosting a Christmas drop-in at Coal Creek TAP this Friday, so Albany County residents can get in the Christmas spirit and also raise funds for the Pilot Peak land purchase, which the Albany County Commissioners approved in September.

“We thought we would virtually support their efforts and see if we could collect a little bit of money,” said Marian Erdelyi, a director of the advocate group. “Now, we know it’s not going to come anywhere near where what the asking price is. But we thought we would help defer a little bit of the costs and do whatever we can to help show support for the land purchase, which would be used for recreation and mainly to protect a part of the aquifer, which is what we really want to do.”

Erdelyi said the agreement would protect the aquifer for 50 years and the area would not be developed, as it will be used for recreational purposes.

“That in itself helps protect the recharge area, so we are all for it,” Erdelyi said.

Erdelyi said the drop—in is open to anyone in the public who wants to know more about the Albany County Clean Water Advocates or the Pilot Peak land purchase agreement.

“We would love to see them, chat with them about what we do and why we think this is so important,” Erdelyi said.

She said the group will have brochures available that will provide information about the Clean Water Advocates and members will be available to answer any questions Laramie residents may have about the group or the land purchase.

The Albany County Commissioners accepted the purchase agreement of 5,528 acres of land east of Laramie for $14 million for public use in September. The land was offered to the county by the family who owned the land, named the Samuelson family. The county has a year from when the agreement was signed to raise the funds to purchase the land.

The Christmas drop-in will run from 4 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1.


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