It has been said that if you are doing a job you love, then you aren't really working. Stress is a killer, but how about landing a low stress job, while still making ends meet?

Here are 5 jobs that people actually do, that are the less stressful, according to and using a data base from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Wyoming is no stranger to low stress jobs, you just have to seek them out. If you don't do well with stress and you're not independently wealthy, here are 5 jobs that you may try to land in the Cowboy State.


  • Stacy Revere, Getty Images
    Stacy Revere, Getty Images


    Modeling in Wyoming can have a decent payoff. There could be some stress in knowing if you win or not, but not an occupational stress. A starting model can make around $37,000 a year.

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Agricultural Sorter

    This is an important part of Wyoming's culture - agriculture. We have a lot of kids who learn about his at an early age, with groups like 4-H, FFA and right at home. A Wyoming Ag Sorter can start at about $25,000 a year. Not a real stressful job either.

  • Credit Christopher Furlong
    Credit Christopher Furlong

    Library Tech

    A library has to be one of the least stressful places in Wyoming. A book, a chair and some peace and quiet. It's no wonder the occupation of a Library Tech finds itself at #3. A librarian can make about $35,000 a year. If you need help with finding a good reference, talk to a librarian. There are about 74 public libraries in the Cowboy State.

  • Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
    Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

    Statistical Assistant

    If you're into fabricating graphs and charts, then you'll love this low stress job. This job has very little conflict and these folks make around $44,000 a year.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Etchers and Egravers

    There are all kinds of etchers. Metal, rubber and silk screen just to name a few. If you are artistic with some good engraving and etching skills, then you could find yourself making money in this very low stress job. The deadline is probably the biggest stress. These guys can make about $15 an hour, if you're good.

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