Love shopping Target? I always say wherever I can get motor oil and underwear in the same store, it's a winner. Here are 5 changes Target shoppers will see going forward according to Delish:

1. No longer accepting in-store returns. Straight from the mouth of Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, "To be extra cautious, Target will stop accepting in-store product returns and exchanges for the next three weeks. But don’t worry if you have a return that expires during that period, because we’ll still honor them three weeks past the holding period.”

2. Target employees will no longer handle reusable bags. Plastic is is then.

3. Checkout lanes cleaned after each guest. It only takes a second and it's probably a good idea with busy high-traffic lanes.

4. Store closing hours changed. Most stores will be closing at 9:00 PM. (check local hours)

5. The first hour on Wednesday designated for "vulnerable" shoppers. This means, if you are at high risk of infection or have a weakened immune system, this is your best hour to shop.

Let the Christmas shopping season begin, and thank you for shopping local.

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