Contrary to popular belief, Cowboy State drivers are some of the best in the entire country. Having lived in highly populated places like California, New York and Washington D.C., Wyoming drivers are generally better and more equipped for handling the elements. That being said, just like anywhere else, we have our share of bad habits. Here's a tentative top 5 list of habits we should all stop doing right now!


  • Pawel Gaul
    Pawel Gaul

    Texting While Driving

    This one gets the top spot, because personally, nothing bothers me worse than someone that texts and drives... especially when I'm a passenger in their vehicle!

    Maybe you don't care about your own life, but the fact that you have so little concern for mine really ticks me off. Fatalities involving mobile devices are the easiest to avoid. Put the damn phone down! No text, phone call, Facebook, Tweet or Snap is worth your life or anyone else's for that matter!

  • Jupiterimages

    Following Too Closely/Tailgating

    Everyone is probably guilty of this at some point in their lifetime. Have you ever been running late for work and you get behind the person that is going a good 5 - 10 MPH under the speed limit?

    Yes, it's frustrating, but tailgating is an easy way to cause an accident. I can tell you from firsthand experience, if you rear-end someone, 100% of time you will be at fault and will be paying for any and all damage.

    Also be prepared for that good 'ole insurance rate to go up.

  • Comstock

    Yelling Out The Window/Flipping The Bird

    We've all been cut off before (or worse), but that doesn't mean follow the perpetrator, curse out the window or flip them off.

    While I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to give someone the finger, getting mad or upset while driving isn't a good thing either. It slows down your reaction times and driving alone can be stressful enough.

    Let it go. It's not worth it and I've seen karma prevail in the form of the perp getting pulled over a few seconds later or in some cases, worse (see also: accidents).

    I believe the song says: Don't Worry, Be Happy.

  • Paul Vasarhelyi
    Paul Vasarhelyi

    Applying Make-Up/Eating

    Much like the texting and driving thing, distracted driving is bad and honestly... can wait!

    Put the coffee, sandwich, nugget and taco down. Worry about your eyelashes after you've safely arrived at your designation.

    Your make-up and/or your stomach pains will be much worse if you're dead or behind bars.

  • Tomwang112

    Driving While Tired or Sleepy

    Although we all think we know our own limits, that's not always the case. We work, we stress, but no matter what, we need sleep.

    If you're tired or sleepy, don't get behind the wheel. Whether it's in town or on the highway, it's not worth it. Wyoming has so many other options now (like Uber and Lyft).

    If you're on the highway already and feel yourself getting tired, pull over.

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