Right off the bat, I have some explaining to do.

Please take a moment to notice how the title of this article has the phrase "Mind Blowing" in quotes.

Imagine those quotes as air quotes and if you can, visualize me rolling my eyes a bit or perhaps making a cringe face.

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When I came across this video by the famous YouTuber "World According to Briggs" I was intrigued.

After all, I've lived in Wyoming for more than 20 years and I LOVE to learn more about our amazing state.

And, I am one of those crazy people that absolutely loves random facts of knowledge. I'm still praying someday I'll get my chance to show my skills in the "Cash Cab".

I couldn't resist the key phrase in the title "mind blowing" and I hit play super excited to have my mind blown...

Honestly the first fact "Wyoming is the least populated state" had me feeling a bit down.

When he followed it up with fact 9 "Wyoming is coal country" I feared I was in for more disappointment.

Thankfully things became much more interesting when fact 5 was something I had NEVER heard before.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and let me know if you knew about facts 5 and 4.

So, did you know that Wyoming was home to the oldest library system in America?

And were you at UW in 2015 when they made the Guinness Book of World Records for most people dancing?

Those two facts were the only ones I didn't already know...and I feel like the one about dancing should have been number one rather than his information about us being the state with the most drunk driving fatalities.


I DO have to give him credit, everything he said was true, and these would likely be mind blowing facts for anyone that has never been to Wyoming.

Which of course now has me thinking...what could we come up with that would TRULY be mind blowing?

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