February is National Young Voter Month, an effort by the League of Women Voters to get young people interested and involved in politics.

Marguerite Herman with the League's Wyoming Chapter says voter turnout among 18 to 24 year old Wyomingites is abysmally low.

"It's estimated that less than 10 percent of people that are presumed eligible are registering and voting," said Herman. "That number definitely needs to improve."

Herman believes school and parental involvement play a key role in improving those statistics.

"I think teachers talk about it, but for some reason once they (young people) get out of school it becomes unimportant, they don't see the reason for it," said Herman. "So schools could probably push it better and I think parents are a huge piece to model civic engagement and voting."

Herman says young voters need to understand that their day-to-day lives are effected by their government, and their vote does matter.

"I encourage people to go and get on a board, get on a commission, go to the meetings," said Herman. "People need to see that their vote does make a difference, that they have a large stake in who they elect, because those are the people who pass our laws."

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