While many students make a pitstop at the University of Wyoming here in Laramie, being a year-round resident has its' own challenges and perks. You know you're from Laramie if...


you know the best alternate routes on gameday

  • you have no need for sunscreen before June
  • anyone from Colorado is a ‘greenie’
  • wind only counts if it’s blowing over 30 mph
  • you think the town comes alive when the students leave
  • you blame all crime on WyoTech students
  • you have a permit to park in front of your own house
  • snow tires are on your vehicle more often than regular tires
  • your high school conference schedule involves 5 hour road trips…one way
  • you don’t close your business when there’s a foot of snow
  • you take big shopping trips to Walmart
  • you can get across town in under 15 minutes
  • you bought a new house and it’s 75 years old
  • you read the daily newspaper, the six days a week you get it
  • your garden is in your house longer than it’s in the ground
  • you like shopping downtown, you just don’t get off work on time
  • you know which three roads go to the west side of town
  • you consider yourself to be somewhat conservative, the rest of the state thinks you’re a crazy left-wing liberal
  • you know what going to prep means
  • you’ve seen the men’s room at Buckhorn Bar
  • you know the “W” on “W Hill Road” does not stand for “West”
  • you wonder what the chances of snow are year round
  • you miss the bowling alley in the Union
  • you can distinguish “prairie gold” from “gameday gold”
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