Yellowstone National Park was just named one of the 50 most beautiful places on Earth by a national website and we couldn't agree more.

This is no regular internet list by some blogger just throwing out a random opinion. This is the annual US News and World Report rankings. They just named Yellowstone at #3 of the locations they consider most beautiful in the world. Here's short clip of why they chose our part of America:

The world's first national park is brimming with marvels to behold, from waterfalls to jagged peaks as well as half of the world's hydrothermal features, including the famous Old Faithful.

My family has always considered Yellowstone as about the best that the United States has to offer when it comes to sights, wildlife and diverse things to explore. We've been to the park twice in the past 4 years and still haven't been able to fully check out the lesser known geysers like Steamboat which came alive a couple years ago.

Part of me doesn't care that Yellowstone or other parts of Wyoming get recognized by big publications. But, I will admit that the US News and World Report ranking does make me smile a little bit. They've been doing this a long time and Yellowstone deserves the press.

Yellowstone most beautiful place on Earth? Tell us something we don't know. Now, if we could just convince the tourists to stop taking selfies with our bison.

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