New research was just announced on Yellowstone’s Super-volcano. First, let me just say most experts don’t think it’s likely to erupt tomorrow, but the geological community generally expected the volcano to remain dormant for possibly more centuries. The estimate has been dramatically reduced to mere decades.

Suddenly #1 on Google Trends was all about the Yellowstone Caldera. Geologists were surprised by research from Arizona State, according to National Geographic. The recent history of the area shows changes to the mineral and chemical make-up, happening faster than expected. A bulge in the ground has also appeared in fewer years than expected. One headline referred to a volcano "wiping out life." Fortunately, the same article said the U.S. Geological Survey called the risk of that "exceedingly low."

There is still some hope though. Back in August, NASA announced their plan to drill into the magma to release pressure.

While I don't wish an eruption on even a Yellowstone touron, we’re still not out of hurricane season right now. Other areas are suffering some semi-apocalyptic stuff that we’ve escaped here in Wyoming.

Areas of California and other northwest states are devastated by wildfires. The United States has never had two hurricanes make landfall as category 4s in the same year, until Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida last month, and let's not forget that Puerto Rico is still recovering from Maria. If it isn't a natural disaster, it's an act of a crazy man in Las Vegas.

With all those terrible things actually happening, now is just not the time I want to even think about a super volcano in our own state, and try to remember to think about people affected by other degrees of calamity elsewhere.