It has been a few weeks now but is still shocking for everyone, not only in the music world, but everywhere around the world. On March 25th, Taylor Hawkins, the legendary drummer for the rock band, Foo Fighters, passed away at the age of 50. Since then, there have been several tributes from artists showing their love for Hawkins and the Foo Fighters. One such tribute was performed by a member of the 'Yellowstone' cast and couldn't be more fitting.

If you watch the show, 'Yellowstone', you may know him as 'Walker', but the same actor that plays that role is none other than singer/songwriter Ryan Bingham. The 'Yellowstone' actor took to social media through his TikTok account to pay tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins and the Foo Fighters with an acoustic cover of one of their hit songs released in 1998, 'My Hero'.

The Foo Fighters track, 'My Hero' was released on their album, 'The Colour and the Shape'. The song itself was originally said to be about the late Kurt Cobain, who of course, was the frontman of the band, Nirvana. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana and a very close friend of Cobain. Tragically, the song seems to take on even more meaning after the passing of Taylor Hawkins.

Bingham has posted several acoustic performances on his TikTok page. As a singer/songwriter, he's contributed to a few soundtracks along with his acting. Most notably, Bingham not only starred in, but also wrote music for the 2009 film 'Crazy Heart'. Bingham wrote and performed the theme song, 'The Weary Kind'. The song would win several awards including an Oscar for Best Original Song, a Grammy for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, and also the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. The film's soundtrack also won a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture.

The loss of Taylor Hawkins has affected so many, whether it be family, friends, or fans and is definitely one that we won't soon forget. But seeing a beautiful tribute such as this from Ryan Bingham definitely helps cope with the void that many might be feeling from Hawkins' passing.

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