In case you haven't realized what has been going on for the entire month of March, there is something called March Madness going on. That, of course, is the NCAA Tournament which has reached its acclaimed Final Four teams that will play this weekend in New Orleans, LA. One of those teams happens to be Country superstar Eric Church's favorite team, the North Carolina Tar Heels. So that he can watch them play, he is canceling his show scheduled for Saturday night (April 2nd).

Church's show that was set for this upcoming Saturday night would have been a stop in San Antonio, TX. However, he has made a personal decision to cancel his show that was originally scheduled way back in April 2021. He said it's the 'most selfish thing' he's ever asked of his fans, according to Yahoo! Sports.

However, like many sports enthusiasts rooting for their teams, there were others that agreed with Eric Church's stance on the issue. One of them happens to be Wyoming's very own Country music star, Ian Munsick.

Munsick took to Twitter to voice his opinion and used a 'what if' example, as if it were the Wyoming Cowboys in the same position as the North Carolina Tar Heels. He tweeted this out:

Let's be honest, Wyomingites, as much excitement as the Cowboys had just for making this year's NCAA Tournament, how could you possibly disagree with him?

On Saturday night, not only does the magnitude of the game the North Carolina Tar Heels speak for itself, but they are also taking on their biggest rival, and in arguably a matchup that is the biggest rivalry in all of college basketball as they will play the Duke Blue Devils. It is the first time in the history of the NCAA Tournament that the two teams have ever met despite their regular season rivalry. It may also be legendary Duke men's head coach Mike Krzyzewski's last game, given the outcome.

North Carolina entered the NCAA Tournament as an 8 seed, which is not a team that is likely to make the Final Four, so it's not as if this was much of a possibility to foresee this dilemma for Church. He is a North Carolina native, originally from the city of Granite Falls.

Anyone that's any kind of sports fan can definitely understand where he's coming from, regardless of how much of a fan we may be, and how great of a show that we know he puts on, as Wyoming was able to see him in Cheyenne last year for Cheyenne Frontier Days aka 'Frontier Nights'. Besides, can you really blame him. Just imagine if the Wyoming Cowboys were in the Final Four, wouldn't you do the same?

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