Everyone has their go-to fast food that they know will hit the spot after they have had a few drinks. Of course, if you're ever in an inebriated state, pretty much any food will but it's nice to have preferences. So what's Wyoming's favorite drunken fast food to devour?

Zippia released a list of every state's favorite drunk fast food and I was shocked to see that Wyoming was in a league of their own when it comes to our favorite. What would you say? McDonald's? Denny's? No, we actually have good taste in the perfect drunken fast food. It's Taco Bell!

Well done, Wyomingites! We know the food that is perfect for that late-night drunken craving. Even Zippia credited our state for having great taste in our favorite drunk fast food. They know what's up. But how is it that we were the only state that chose Taco Bell? That doesn't make much sense. We're just cooler than everyone else.

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The most popular drunk fast food in the country seems to be McDonald's as 22 states picked is as their favorite. In a shocking turn of events, Burger King came in second as a favorite in 14 states. In the southeast, a few states chose Waffle House, which is a solid pick. Can we please get a Waffle House in Cheyenne by the way? Texas picked Whataburger as their favorite drunk fast food. That's another spot to put on the "Cheyenne needs this place" list.

But for now, we're pretty happy with Taco Bell! I mean, who doesn't want a Cheesy Gordita Crunch at 2 a.m. after they've hit the bars? Thanks for being awesome, Taco Bell!

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