It still hits me pretty hard that the 2000s are now considered "old" to Gen Alpha and Gen Z. My little sister has called some of my childhood movies "old classics." Talk about a shot to the heart. But she's right about one thing; the 2000s did put out a lot of classics. And thanks to a new study by USDirect, we now know what 2000s movie Wyomingites love to rewatch most.

The survey by DirectUS, aka DirectTV, pulled data from Rotton Tomatoes, Marie Claire, and IMDB to find out what movie every state in the nation loved to rewatch most. The list itself is comprehensive, featuring titans of the 2000s era like Transformers, Iron Man, and Shrek. I'm pretty sure I saw all of those in theaters.

But what was the Cowboy State's favorite 2000s classic? It's none other than the intergalactic hit, Star Trek. The 2009 flick revamped Gene Rodenberry's 1960s series, Star Trek: The Original Series. It starred Chris Pine as Kirk, who became every teenage girl's favorite hunk (at least until Channing Tatum starred in Dear John in 2010.)

According to the survey, Montanans also really dig Star Trek. On the other hand, our neighbors in Colorado were more interested in Christian Bale's American Psycho.

Favorite 2000s Films Across the Country

As it turns out, Colorado was not alone in liking American Psycho. Fourteen states re-watched that film, making it the most popular 2000s film on the list. Transformers followed with twelve states, Iron Man with six, and Shrek with four states. Strangely enough, Legally Blond and Mean Girls only had one state that preferred them most - Utah and New Mexico, respectively.

Courtesy of US Direct
Courtesy of US Direct

I'll be honest; I like most of the films on DirectTV's list. I even occasionally rewatch Twilight, despite the Mary Sue main character and cringe-worthy lines ("This is the skin of a killer..." *sparkle sparkle*) And, I for sure have rewatched Star Trek in the last year.

What about you? Do you agree with Wyoming's choice? If not, what's your favorite 2000s flick on the list?

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