It is officially Springtime in Wyoming.

And the weather over the last week has been totally typical. 60 degrees and gorgeous sunshine, a few snowstorms, followed by mud...mud...and more mud!

Spring cleaning time is upon us. With the popularity of Tidying Up, I'm finding myself staring at my closets it time to put away those Winter clothes?

I decided to ask your opinion and you had LOTS to say.

Here are a few highlights...

 Amanda said what most of you were thinking: You’re supposed to put them away?!!! Wow. 😵 Um, yeah...if you’ve lived here long enough, they are simply categorized as super cold, kinda cold, and burning hot. No such thing as storage.

Kerry had some soild advice: July 4th, then bring them back out July 5th!

Pat answered our qustion with one of her own: Why? You'll need them a week later!

I usually pack our snow gear away at the end of May.

And by "pack them away" I mean shove them to the back of the closet where I can still access them quickly...after all, this IS Wyoming and it can snow any month of the year.

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