Many people, especially in agricultural states, appreciate knowing where their food comes from. Local beef, and local produce–it informs our decisions as consumers. Farmers Markets are popular for this reason, and provide just a sample of “locally produced.”

The Wyoming Business Council is making it easier for Wyomingites to buy local, and not just meat and produce. Wyoming Table is an online directory of all things local: ranchers and farmers, beverage makers, produce, and more. 

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The site is neatly utilitarian. I clicked on one ranch site; I learned the history of the ranch, saw photos, learned its primary product and market, and sales contact information. There’s even a site on there for gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. 

It launched this week at the Wyoming State Fair and is seeking producers of all kinds to add their product and business information to the registry, so people can buy more local. The second phase of the launch will be more direct marketing to local and larger areas. 

“We are thrilled to launch the first phase of Wyoming Table this week at State Fair,” said Jill Tregemba, WBC Agribusiness Manager and Wyoming State Fair board member. “We’ve seen increased demand from buyers all over the world who are looking for more ranch-to-table and locally sourced options, and this directory is designed to connect them to our amazing Wyoming producers, all in one place.”

Producers can apply now at, and perusers can look at the so-far small site of Wyoming Table here. Imagine if Farmers Market products around the state were found in one convenient location–we wouldn’t have to wait for the few warm months to get a wide variety of local fixes. 


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