CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) —  A substitute teacher who co-sponsored the Gay-Straight Alliance club at a junior high in Cheyenne says she was fired shortly after news broke that racist and anti-gay flyers had been posted and distributed at the school.

Kaycee Cook says McCormick Junior High Principal Jeff Conine sent her an email Wednesday saying she was no longer welcome as a guest or a substitute teacher at the school. Cook says she thinks Conine took action after she called members of a local LGBTQ advocacy group to tell them about the flyers.

Conine said Thursday he wasn't prepared to make a statement about the email.

He says the source of the flyers is under investigation and he can't detail what the repercussions would be for those responsible until they are found.

About 50 McCormick students showed up to class Thursday with "love is love" signs and rainbow flags, and then marched peacefully around a school field.

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