Here in Wyoming, we like blowing stuff up. Once again this summer, there are more fireworks shops in the Cowboy State than Starbucks franchises.

According to Google, there are 28 fireworks stands currently operating in Wyoming, including a legendary shop in Evanston that sells fireworks and liquor. Even the smallest town in the state, Buford (population 1), has a roadside stand.

By way of comparison, there are now 25 Starbucks locations in Wyoming, including several franchises operating inside the Albertson's grocery store chain. Wyoming also has more fireworks stores than Arby's (16), Burger King (18), KFC (12), Taco Bell (12), Taco John's (26), and Wendy's (14) locations. Only two major chains, Subway (60) and  McDonald's (34), have more Wyoming locations than the current number of fireworks stands in the state.

Luckily, there are more hospitals than fireworks shops in Wyoming, but just barely. There are currently 31 hospitals in the state, compared to only 28 fireworks stands.


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