Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites has increased fees statewide. The newly increased fees are said to offset state budget cuts.

The new rates will see no difference in the offseason rates and also an increase of a few dollars per car.

Wyoming State Parks Deputy Director Dave Glenn recently explained the reasoning for the increase in fees to Wyoming Public Media:

We want to run like a business...We've compiled visitor surveys and we've heard from our visitors that there is some elasticity in our pricing. We've also looked at state parks around the surrounding states and found out that even with these fee increases we're a heck of a deal.

Glenn also pointed out the stark uptick in visitors as there was growth at the end of 2019, and then a booming amount of visitors in 2020. Glenn said last year brought close to approximately a million and a half more visitors than the average.

The increase in fees will bring larger fee increases for nonresidents than it will state residents. The fee increase will also go back into the staffing and maintenance at the parks. Glenn is also confident that the tourism at the state parks can help drive Wyoming's economy.

We see us as an economic driver for the state, and we want to help lead the state out of this economic downturn...And we're going to. This is one of the things that's continuing to grow and we have an opportunity to help the state.

Right now, there are state park passes on sale and through February 15th, early-bird discounts are also available.

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