You never know what you'll find swimming around in the sewer. A wastewater operator in Powell, Wyo. made headlines this week when he discovered an old class ring lost in 1991.

"Sitting on the pile was just this shiny little silver ring. So we picked it up and looked it over and it was a class ring," Powell municipal employee Levi Kary told KULR 8. "It had Gary Bessler's name on it, the name ringed a bell to me just the last name and so I looked him up on Facebook and asked if he recognized it and sure enough he did."

Bessler, who graduated from Powell High in 1991, had given his ring to a girlfriend, who lost it during their senior year. He forgot about the ring years ago until he heard that it had been found.

"I was very surprised," Besseler said. "I didn't think it would ever show up again."

Kary plans to clean the ring before mailing it to Bessler, who now lives in Buffalo. Bessler says he will return the favor with a finder's fee.

"I'll buy you a drink when I get over to Powell the next time," he joked.

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