A Wyoming business person just launched a device that you can wear that contains life-saving medical information on it, according to BuckRail. It's called LifeKey and it's changing lives already.

The Lifekey device looks like a bracelet. It syncs up with the LifeKey app and provides first responders with personal information that you may not be able to give at the moment. It will let the responders know what allergies you have, blood type, prescriptions, and insurance information, plus it has your emergency contacts. If you are wearing a LifeKey and it gets activated by a responder, then your emergency contacts are alerted and given your location.

The creator and developer of the LifeKey, Jason Kintzler, also created Pitchengine, a Wyoming based public relations software company.

In addition to the bracelet design, the company also offers a micro tag and a fabric smart patch. All are waterproof, no batteries required and no charging.

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